Whether you want to dive into the capital city of Berlin or indulge in a medieval exploration of Germany, you will find a whole range of interesting adventures here.
Brandenburger Tor

Berlin Tours  – Customisable

If you would like to get a true feel for Berlin beyond just its sights and immerse yourself in everything that makes this city so different from other metropolitcan cities around the world, then these customised tours of Berlin are just the thing you need.

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Day Trip to Potsdam from Berlin

If you only have one day to explore Potsdam, the city of UNESCO World Heritage buildings and manicured gardens, this tour is just perfect for you!

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Potsdam Landestag
Berlin Coat of Arms


This tour is specifically designed for visually challenged (blind) tourists. You will experience Berlin city through touch and sound. This tour was originally designed for a friend who thoroughly enjoyed it and therefore, I thought of sharing the joy of discovering Berlin with other blind tourists!

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Potsdam Tours  – Customisable

Whether you have just one day to explore Potsdam or a whole week, Quest can customise a tour of Potsdam just for you. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage buildings, manicured gardens and old city centre of this lovely Prussian capital city!

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Potsdam Alte Markt
Neuschwanstein Castle


This tour is designed for you if you would like to live an adventure travelling through some of the oldest and best preserved medieval towns of Germany. We will drive down the Romantic Road, enjoying the best of German cuisine as we see mountains and lakes, forests and fields as well as a wide variety of monuments constructed in a range of styles from Renaissance to Baroque, Rococo and Romanesque Revival.

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