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Fish Market Mumbai

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Our Mumbai tour is exactly what you need when you have just half a day in Mumbai. Your sightseeing experience will include the key sites of the city as well as give you a peek into what makes Mumbai, the unique metropolitan city that it is known to be. You can select the 2-hour option or the 4-hour option. Our friendly and well-trained guides will ensure that you make the most of your time in Mumbai.

Why should you visit Mumbai?

Mumbai is the city of dreams, the financial capital of India and the city of Bollywood films. Mumbai is settled by people who came from all part of India to this growing metropolis under the British rule. Newer than most other larger cities of India, Mumbai is a city of contrasts; slum dwellings and sky-scrappers, street hawkers and multi-national companies, advanced technology and ancient wisdom, abundance and poverty. Mumbai is the city of opportunity, whether you want to enjoy a few days on a holiday or reach new heights in your career.

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