2 Day Village Experience
(Outside Mumbai)


This village experience tour will give you a taste of village life in India in all of its rustic simplicity. For 2 days, you can forget the hustle and bustle of your daily life and enjoy beautiful landscapes, local cuisine, sunsets at the beach, organic farms, local art and culture, trekking, and much more.

This trip includes your overnight accommodation, lunch and dinner on the first day as well as breakfast and lunch on the second day.

What are the HIGHLIGHTS of the village experience?

  • At one of the villages just outside Mumbai, you will visit a fruit orchard that sells chickoo (sapodilla), coconuts and water lilies to Mumbai and other places. The manager of the orchard – who is a local, born and brought up in the village – will take you on a tour of the orchard and explain the functioning of the farm.

  • Your lunch on both days will all be authentic local cuisine prepared by locals.

  • Our trip includes a fruit tasting session at the orchard where you will be allowed to try chickoo, coconuts and maybe some other local seasonal fruits depending on the time of your visit.

  • Depending on weather conditions and the season, we will arrange a horse carriage to take you through a local village.

  • You will spend your first evening watching the sun set on a quiet almost deserted beach.

  • We will take you to the very first village founded by the Parsis, Zoroastrians who escaped to India in the 1st-2nd century. We will see the remnants of their life style in the present-day town which boasts of several large colonies for Parsis but very few permanent residents.

  • You will also have the opportunity to hear about and appreciate old Parsi architecture and houses at the site of the village where the Parsis’s first landed and which is still today a quaint village with a slow paced life.

  • Our village experience tour includes a 4-hour experience in a Warli tribal village organised by Swadesee. This experience can also be booked separately on their website for INR 990 (~13 EUR) here: Visit the Warli Tribe.

Why should you come with Quest?

Here’s why you should choose Quest:

  • Quest looks after all the bookings and planning for you and offers you an all-inklusive price, so that you enjoy a hassle-free trip.
  • Our tour coordinator will pick you up from and drop you off to any location of your choice within Mumbai city.
  • You can choose whether to use your own car or allow us to book a car for you with a driver.
  • When you travel with us, your itinerary and experiences are planned and coordinated by locals to ensure that you get a genuine experience of rural India.
  • Quest offers tours in English as well as some local Indian languages.

Why should you go on a village experience tour?

Here’s why you should visit rural India:

  • More than 65 percent of India is still rural. Your impression of India is incomplete, without a glimpse of rural areas.
  • Urban communities in India made up of large metropolitan cities are completely different from rural communities.
  • There is such remarkable diversity in India’s rural areas. There is a popular addage that sums it up as, “Kos kos par badle paani, chaar kos par badle baani” which can be translated to “The (taste of the) water changes every 3 kms, the language changes every 12 kms”.

2 Day Village Experience

18999per person
  • minimum 2 persons
  • This trip requires you to arrange a vehicle for yourself with one free seat for the accommpanying tour coordinator.

2 Day Village Experience + Rental Car with driver

24999per person
  • minimum 2 persons
  • All transportation is included!

Group Discount - 2 Day Village Experience

15999per person
  • minimum 3 persons
  • This trip requires you to arrange a vehicle for yourself with one free seat for the accommpanying tour coordinator.

Group Discount - 2 Day Village Experience + Rental Car with driver

19999per person
  • minimum 3 persons
  • All transportation is included!

How to Prepare for Your Village Experience

Find out how to prepare for your Village Experience here.

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