Everyone talks about the Taj Mahal and how it stands for the undying love of Shah Jahan for his favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Not many know that Schloss Charlottenburg is also a monument of love built by Friedrich I, King of Prussia for his wife Sophie Charlotte.

According to historians, Friedrich was madly in love with his wife but this love was not reciprocated. While Friedrich handed over his lands in Lietzow just outside of Berlin city to his wife in order to build the summer palace Schloss Lietzenburg for her, Sophie Charlotte was planning on using the new palace to live independently of Friedrich and hold her own court.

However, Sophie Charlotte died just a few years after the completion of the palace. The Schloss and the settlement facing it were named Charlottenburg after Sophie Charlotte. Friedrich rarely used the schloss.

The Schloss was expanded by the successors to the throne and grew in importance. Napolean took over the schloss when he occupied Berlin.

Schloss Charlottenburg